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We support client’s recruitment campaigns to ensure they select the right staff

  • Compensation

    ● Compensation Plan Design & Implementation
    ● Compensation Surveys / Benchmarking

  • HR Operational Excellence

    ● HR Alignment with Business Strategies & Desired Culture / HR Strategic Plan
    ● System & Process Optimization
    ● HR Compliance / Audits & Assessments
    ● HR Temporary Leadership
    ● HR Project Management
    ● HR Talent Acquisition / Search

  • Employee Engagement & Labor Relations

    ● Performance Enhancement Systems
    ● Policies & Handbooks
    ● Labor Strategies


Do you have a compensation plan in place that gives you peace of mind to know that your pay decisions reflect the marketplace, are defensible, and are considered fair ? DSG is known for designing pay systems that are proven, pragmatic and are understandable to managers and employees. Let us help make your large investment in employee compensation (base pay and incentive plans) provide that peace of mind.


Do you need more information to know the value of your jobs in the marketplace? DSG consultants are experts in conducting surveys and in finding existing benchmark data. We can help you define your pay levels as compared to other organizations with whom you compete for talent. Call us for more information on how we might help you gain critical benchmark data and use it wisely.


Talk with us about successfully aligning your HR function with your organization’s strategies and desired culture. We can help your HR team in prioritizing, measuring, achieving and celebrating as they make bigger contributions to your organization’s success as true business partners. It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, and your improved outcomes will be significant.


Are you interested in flawless execution of HR processes? Call DSG to learn about our work with human resources teams in designing, reviewing and optimizing human resources processes and systems. DSG Consultants have the expertise to help select and implement your Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) to improve overall HR operational efficiencies. This transformation frees up time and resources to address the more important strategic work that will result in increased workforce quality.


Noncompliance with current regulations and not having established best practices involves significant financial risk, as well undermines HR’s credibility. If you would like assistance that would enable you to remain in compliance in a practical, effective manner, contact us to discuss how we might help you.  


Are you in need of a temporary leader? Our consultants are seasoned professionals who have all been successful practitioners prior to consulting. Call us to discuss how we might assist you.


Are you having trouble getting projects done? DSG has experienced project managers who lead teams in performing various Human Resources projects such as work required before, during and after a major reorganization or a merger or acquisition. HRC’s focus is on ensuring project team members are meeting project objectives and producing required results.


Are you tired of traditional performance appraisal processes that are cumbersome, time-consuming and adversarial? Is your traditional system autocratic or parental in nature? Are employees reinforced for good performance and held accountable when they are not performing? Let us help you transition your system to be easier and more in line with today’s workplace realities.


Are your policies and employee handbook outdated or misaligned with your desired culture? Noncompliance with current regulations and not having established best practices involves significant financial risk, as well undermines HR’s credibility. DSG Consultants can review these documents to assure that they are viable or help you develop a first edition.


Comprehensive personnel record keeping (personal folders) that meet customer’s internal reporting requirements while ensuring 100% compliance with local labor law; Preparing and submitting all required legal filings and registrations, (E-Gov etc.), to reflect employees current employment status; Recording and monitoring of employees working time, including overtime; Registration, monitoring and accounting for annual vacations and other absences including, unpaid leaves, child care / maternity leaves, sick leaves, special leaves, and others and etc.

DSG is actively committed to the professional development of our customers’ employees and provide an environment which stimulates continuous learning. Our approach ensures that students maintain and develop knowledge and skills sets which are specific to their current and/or future industry. This is why we believe continuous professional training is so important.

Key Training Areas:

* Professional Training Programs:
* Soft-skills Training Programs:
* Training Courses Abroad:
* Team Building Workshops:
* Labor Agreement Administration:
* Courses are Delivered In English, Azerbaijani & Russian

Our outsourcing service allows you focus on core strategic issues, improves quality, efficiency and effectiveness, relieves from administrative burdens, reduces operating costs. You could also access to outside HR expertise.

Our Migrations Administration service includes :

* Preparation of letter of invitation (approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs) to obtain a visa to Azerbaijan Republiс
* Organization and coordination of medical checkups
* Notarization and translation of diplomas
* Preparation required letters and forms to obtain Work and Residence Permits